Chautauqua County Jury Information


The New York State Court System never asks for a juror's financial or family information.

Do not give this kind of information to anyone claiming to represent the court.

If you receive a suspicious request, contact the Commissioner of Jurors.



Supreme/County Trial Jurors: You are on standby.  Juror reporting instructions are issued after 5:00 p.m. on the last business day before your service date.  Instructions are updated by 5:00 p.m. daily.  Juror reporting instructions may be found below OR you may call 716-753-4260 to hear a recorded message.

Grand Jurors, City Court Jurors, and Town/Village Jurors: You must read SECTION C of your summons form for your specific reporting instructions.



Notice from the Commissioner of Jurors re: Coronavirus and Flu

     In light of public health concerns arising over the coronavirus, please note the following:

     If you have been summoned for jury duty, beginning on March 16th and continuing until further notice:                 

  • Please do not appear at the courthouse.  Your service has been suspended at this time.  You will hear from us in the future with another date for service.


     If you are a juror currently serving on a criminal trial, on a grand jury or on a civil trial where opening statements have been made:

  • You are required to appear to continue your service. 


     Please, call or email your local Commissioner of Jurors Office with further questions. 


                  Phone Number: 716-753-4410                                            Email: 

General Information

Absence of Emergency: If illness or emergency prevents you from reporting, please call at 716-753-4410 after 8:30 am on the day you are to report.

Accessibility: If you have a disability and need accommodation, call 716-753-4410 or 1-800-662-1220 for relay call.

Court Hours: Court normally operates from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm., with a lunch hour and breaks throughout the day.  Court sessions rarely continue beyond 4:30 pm.

Electronics: Cell phones and other electronic devices may be used in the jury assembly rooms and other waiting areas.  They must be turned off during jury selection and trial.  There is public access WIFI in the County courthouse.  There are also computer work stations in the assembly room.

Meals: There is a mid-day lunch break everyday.

Parking/Transportation: The court does not pay for transportation fares, parking fees or parking violations.  Parking is available in parking lots located around the campus.  Please allow enough time to travel and locate parking.  For public transportation information contact: CARTS.

Security: Court Officers are stationed throughout the court.  Members of the public must pass through a magnetometer to enter.  Please arrive early and allow extra time for this process.  

Chautauqua County Local Law 4-13  Chautauqua County property and grounds are tobacco free. All tobacco products including snuff, chew, spit tobacco, and electronic cigarettes are prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation.

Court Locations

Chautauqua County Courthouse

3 N. Erie Street

Mayville NY 14757

Trial Jurors report to Rm 217 - Gerace Office Bldg

Grand Jurors report to Rm 217 - Gerace Office Bldg

City/Town/Village Jurors check your summons for instructions and reporting address

Acting Commissioner of Jurors

Mary Alice Petrella

Chautauqua County Courthouse

3 N. Erie Street


Mayville NY 14757 


Phone: 716-753-4410

Fax: 716-753-4419
Office Hours: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Email the Commissioner: