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Richmond County Jury Information

Jurors should report to court ONLY when instructed by the reporting instructions below.

These instructions are updated daily at 4:30 p.m. (Do not check earlier than 4:30 p.m. as message may change)

If the reporting date is not current, please call 866-915-5879 after 4:30 for a recorded message.














                                                 A Message from the Commissioner of Jurors 

 The NYS Unified Court System would like to assure you that your health and safety remain a top priority for us as we resume essential court operations, including jury service.

What to Expect When You Appear:

  • Regular deep cleaning of court facilities with enhanced cleaning of commonly used areas

  • Limited people in courthouse

  • Mandatory use of face masks by court personnel and court visitors

    • Please bring your own mask/face covering

  • Plexiglass barriers may be present at various locations (i.e. magnetometers, x-ray machines, assembly room desks)

  • Indicators, like blue tape, may be present in public areas to ensure physical distance of at least 6 feet (to meet social distancing standards)

  • Hand sanitizer for all court visitors

Please note the following:  

  • Commissioner of Jurors will continue to provide jurors with public wi-fi.

  • Bring your own pen/pencil and take it with you when you leave.

  • Bring your own books/magazines/electronic devices and charges.

  • Jurors may bring their own resealable beverage and snack or food that does not require refrigeration.

Please e-mail or call the Richmond County Commissioner of Jurors Office if you have further questions. 

(718) 675-8990 or (718) 675- 8991

                                                                   REPORTING INSTRUCTIONS  


  Please read this entire message as instructions will be different depending on the summons you have received.


If you have received a Blue & White summons to serve as a Grand Juror for Richmond County for the term beginning Nov. 30th and ending

on Dec 31st, and your juror ID# is between G-1 and G-300, please DO NOT report to the Courthouse, and check this website again

on Monday, Dec. 28th, 2020 for further and updated instructions.


If you have received a Red & White Summons to serve as a standby juror for Richmond County, Please DO NOT appear at the Courthouse. Your service has been temporarily postponed, and rescheduled. You will receive a new summons at a future date. There is nothing further you need to do.

The Commissioner of Jurors thanks all jurors for your time, cooperation and contribution to our system of justice.

General Information


Absence or Emergency: If illness or emergency prevents you from reporting, please call our office at 718-675-8990 after 8:30 am on the day you are to report.

Accessibility: If you have a disability and need accommodation, call 718-675-8990 or 1-800-662-1220 for relay call.

Court Hours: Court normally operates from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm., with a lunch hour and breaks throughout the day.  Court sessions rarely continue beyond 5:00 pm

Electronics: Cell phones and other electronic devices may be used in the jury assembly rooms and other waiting areas.  They must be turned off during jury selection and trial.  There is public access WIFI in the County courthouse. 

Meals: There is a mid-day lunch break usually between 1 and 2 p.m. All meals are your responsibility.  Restaurants are in the area.

Parking/Transportation: The court does not pay for fares, parking fees or parking violations. We recommend using mass transit. There is a multi tiered indoor municipal parking lot with an entrance on Central Ave., as well as two private lots, one on Central Ave. and one on Wall St.

Security: Court Officers are stationed throughout the court.  Members of the public must pass through a magnetometer to enter.  Please arrive early and allow extra time for this process.  Weapons or dangerous instruments of any kind are prohibited from the court buildings.  Your cooperation is appreciated in this effort to keep out facility safe. Doors open at 9:00 am.

Court Locations

Jury Assembly Room

26 Central Ave. (Doors open at 9:00am.)

Richmond County Supreme Court

26 Central Ave.

Trial Jurors report as instructed in this message.


Grand Jurors follow instructions on your summons

Commissioner of Jurors

Hon. Stephen J. Fiala

Richmond Division of Jurors

130 Stuyvesant Place

Staten Island NY 10301

Phone: 718-675-8990

Email the Jury Division:

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