Suffolk County Jury Information

Trial jurors are on 'standby' and should report to court ONLY when instructed.  Please review the reporting instructions below, or to hear a recorded message, please call 1-800-449-2819.

These instructions will only be updated when there is a change in reporting information.


























Today's Date:  Saturday, March 21, 2020

 Reporting Instructions for:  Week beginning March 23 through further notice!                                                                                                              


Jurors Instructions: 

Notice from the Commissioner of Jurors re: Coronavirus and Flu

In light of public health concerns arising over the Coronavirus, please note the following:

If you have been summoned for regular jury duty, beginning on March 16th and continuing until further notice:

  • Please do not appear at the courthouse.  Your service has been suspended at this time.  You will hear from us in the future with another date for service.

  • If you have been summoned for grand jury for the March 23, 2020 term, you should not appear at this time. Grand jury service has been suspended and you will not be required to report. You will hear from us in the future with another date for service. 




Commissioner of Jurors office thanks all jurors for their time, cooperation and contribution to the system of justice.


We never call and ask you for personal information.  NEVER give out personal information over the telephone.

General Information

Absence of Emergency: If illness or emergency prevents you from reporting, please call our office at 631-852-2305 after 9:00 am on the day you are to report or you may send an email to

Accessibility: If you have a disability and need accommodation, call 631-852-2305 or 1-800-662-1220 for relay call.  In addition, you may send an email to for assistance.

College Student: Full time students may apply to be excused.  Please email or mail back a copy of your student ID and a copy of either your class schedule or tuition bill.

Court Hours: Court normally operates from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm., with a lunch hour and breaks throughout the day.  Court sessions rarely continue beyond 5:00 pm.

Electronics: Cell phones and other electronic devices (i.e. laptops/tablets) may be used in the jury assembly rooms and other waiting areas.  They must be turned off during jury selection and trial.  There is public access WIFI in each courthouse and computer work stations in the jury assembly room.

Meals: There is a mid-day lunch break everyday.

Supreme Court Building in Riverhead: Dining and shopping facilities are located in the nearby business district within minutes of the courthouses.  In addition, a cafeteria and vending machines are available in Supreme Court.

Cohalan Court Complex in Central Islip: There is a cafeteria that serves sandwiches, soups etc.  In addition, please see the jury staff for information and specific directions on dining and shopping facilities.

Criminal Court Building in Riverhead: No OUTSIDE food or drink is allowed to be brought into the courthouse.  You may purchase both inside the building at the snack bar. 


PLEASE BE ADVISED: Cafeterias are CASH ONLY and DO NOT ACCEPT Credit/Debit Cards.  ATM machines are located in courthouse or nearby.

Parking/Transportation: The court does not pay for transportation fares, parking fees or parking violations.


Riverhead Supreme Court: The main juror parking lot is located across from the Supreme Court building on Court Street.

Riverhead - Criminal Court: The main juror parking is located in front of the Criminal Court building.

Central Islip District Court: The main juror parking is located in front of the Cohalan Court Complex.

Please be sure to follow all juror parking signs and park in marked spaces only.  Please note that all building and parking lots are handicapped accessible.

Security: Court Officers are stationed throughout the court.  Members of the public must pass through a magnetometer to enter.  Please arrive early and allow extra time for this process.  Jurors are not exempted from the screening process.  Weapons, cameras, video cameras, electronic devices, and any sharp instruments such as scissors, pocket knives, or knitting needles are strictly prohibited.  Your cooperation and patience is greatly appreciated in this effort to keep our facilities safe.

Court Locations

Supreme Court

Central Jury Room

1 Court Street

Riverhead NY 11901

Criminal Court Building

Central Jury Room

240 Center Drive

Riverhead NY 11901

District Court

Central Jury Room

Cohalan Court Complex

400 Carleton Avenue

Central Islip NY 11722


Commissioner of Jurors

John Nunziata

Suffolk County Commissioner of Jurors

Supreme Court

Central Jury Room

1 Court Street

Riverhead NY 11901


Phone: 631-852-2305

Email the Commissioner: